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Your furnace needs the proper maintenance to keep it running efficiently and to help ensure it lasts as long as it is designed to. However, hiring a professional to clean, oil and maintain this appliance can get costly. My name is Jeff and like many of you, I live on a very tight budget. I spent a lot of time researching various type of maintenance that I could do on my furnace myself to get it the maintenance it needed at a price that I could live with. I created this website to share my knowledge and experiences with others who wish to save some money on their furnace maintenance needs. I hope this proves helpful to you.

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How Do You Clean Your Air Conditioner Coils?

For your air conditioner to run well, you have to keep the coils clean. Dirty air coils will prevent the air conditioner from running optimally and can harm the entire system. The following are some things you need to know about cleaning your air conditioner coils:

How Often Should You Clean the Coils?

You need to clean your coils at different intervals based on your local area and how often you use your air conditioner. In general, you should only need to clean the coils annually. If you live in a dry or dusty region, the coils may get dirty more frequently and need cleaning more often.

If you live in a warm area and you use your air conditioner during the entire year, you may also need to have your coils cleaned more than once a year. Additionally, if your HVAC system is older, the coils can collect dust faster. Be sure to check them often to ensure that they are clean.

If you find the air conditioner is not running efficiently, check your air conditioner coils first to make sure they are clean. Check the air conditioner after the cleaning to see if the system has improved.

How Do You Clean the Air Conditioner Coils?

Cleaning your air conditioner coils is a simple process. The coils are delicate and need care when you clean them. Do not apply too much pressure or the coils can break.

To start, turn the air conditioner off. Take the access panel off and locate the coils. There are a few different ways you can clean the coils. The easiest method is using compressed air in a can. You can find this product at any office supply store. Put the can nozzle opposite the airflow. Apply the air consistently to help remove the dust.

You can also use a gentle brush to remove the dust and buildup. This is a good method as it allows you to get into smaller crevices. Just brush the debris away and sweep it out. You can also use your vacuum cleaner's small brush attachment to remove the buildup. If some areas are difficult to clean, you can apply some pressure, but don't use too much. Be sure that any brush that you use has soft bristles.

If you are not comfortable cleaning your air conditioner coils yourself, you can always schedule a cleaning with your HVAC technician. Visit a website like to learn more about air conditioning services today.