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Your furnace needs the proper maintenance to keep it running efficiently and to help ensure it lasts as long as it is designed to. However, hiring a professional to clean, oil and maintain this appliance can get costly. My name is Jeff and like many of you, I live on a very tight budget. I spent a lot of time researching various type of maintenance that I could do on my furnace myself to get it the maintenance it needed at a price that I could live with. I created this website to share my knowledge and experiences with others who wish to save some money on their furnace maintenance needs. I hope this proves helpful to you.

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5 Reasons To Leave Major A/C Repairs To The Pros

So you've done a few DIY projects around the house and you're comfortable around power tools. Tackling your own air conditioning repair seems like a no-brainer, especially with the allure of saving hundreds of dollars on labor costs. Besides, you've already done air filter replacements and other minor repairs to your A/C system.

But not so fast -- attempting your own A/C repair isn't as simple as you'd think. Get it wrong and you could end up hurting yourself and your wallet. Take a moment to read why DIY A/C repair is a bad idea and why professional service from a trusted technician is the best route to take.

1. You Don't Have the Right Tools

Having the right tools is important when tackling any job and an A/C repair is no different. But the difference between a major A/C repair and other DIY tasks is that the former requires access to specialized tools and professional equipment. These tools can be hard for DIYers to find and expensive to purchase.

2. You Don't Have the Knowledge or Training

Doing an A/C repair the right way takes more than having the right tools. It also takes having the knowledge and skills to properly diagnose, troubleshoot and replace HVAC components in a short amount of time. Gaining that knowledge takes years of training -- something that the vast majority of DIYers won't have.

3. You'll Need the Right Permits and Certifications

Certain A/C maintenance tasks may require that you obtain permits from your local government or certification from a regulatory body. If your A/C system has a leak and needs a refrigerant recharge, for example, you'll need a permit or certificate to purchase and handle refrigerant.

The consequences of not having the right credentials can be steep. In some cases, you could even lose your homeowner's insurance coverage if your provider discovers you worked on your own A/C system without a permit.

4. Your Safety is At Risk

There are plenty of ways you can accidentally injure yourself and potentially others during a DIY A/C repair. Mishandling a capacitor or brushing against bad wiring can lead to electrocution. Discharging refrigerant improperly could lead to frostbite and poisoning through prolonged exposure. Mishandling other components could lead to cuts, bruises, and burns. Needless to say, major A/C repairs are dangerous and best left to the professionals.

5. You'll End Up Being Overwhelmed

Many have a DIY project they enthusiastically started, only to become overwhelmed midway and eventually abandon the project. Once you're deep into the heart of the unit, abandoning a DIY A/C repair could prove an expensive mistake. Seasoned HVAC technicians may be able to undo the damage and finish the job, but it'll cost much more than having the unit professionally repaired from the start.

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