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Your furnace needs the proper maintenance to keep it running efficiently and to help ensure it lasts as long as it is designed to. However, hiring a professional to clean, oil and maintain this appliance can get costly. My name is Jeff and like many of you, I live on a very tight budget. I spent a lot of time researching various type of maintenance that I could do on my furnace myself to get it the maintenance it needed at a price that I could live with. I created this website to share my knowledge and experiences with others who wish to save some money on their furnace maintenance needs. I hope this proves helpful to you.

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Are Ductless Heat Pumps Worth It?

Ductless heat pumps definitely have some convenient features that make them perfect for some property owners. However, they also have some drawbacks and limitations you should consider. That is, ductless heat pumps definitely aren't going to be practical or efficient on every property. This article explains when and how ductless heat pumps work the best.

Ductless Heat Pumps Are Cheap and Convenient

First of all, the best thing about ductless heat pumps is that you can basically walk into a store, buy one, and have it up and running that same day. All you need is a power outlet to get the pump blowing air. There are wall-mounted and freestanding heat pumps. Wall-mounted pumps are usually most convenient because they are out of the way and a little more discreet. Freestanding pumps just sit on the floor. Some have wheels so they can be easily moved around the room. However, having a long electric cord strung across the room can be ugly, not to mention a tripping hazard.

Adding Some Extra Heat

Ductless heat pumps also have limitations when it comes to energy efficiency. That is, since they run just on electricity, they can cause a spike in utility bills. This is particularly true if you have several heat pumps in your property. A central heating system, powered by a furnace and circulated through air ducts, is always going to be more efficient than using multiple ductless pumps in your property. But, they are very convenient if you're just trying to add a little more heat to one or two rooms. If you already have central heating, but one of your rooms is colder than the rest, having a heat pump in that room can be very helpful. It can allow you to turn down your thermostat so you aren't constantly overheating your other rooms.

Extra Filtering

Ductless heat pumps, unlike space heaters, also have HEPA filters. These filters can circulate and refresh air in rooms that have stale air due to poor airflow. They can reduce allergens and odors in pretty much any room.

For a minimal investment, a heat pump can definitely work as a supplemental source of heat. While you probably shouldn't rely on it to heat your entire building, ductless heat pumps are convenient and affordable. There really isn't a better option if you just need a small room to be a little warmer. To learn more about your options, check out websites like