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Your furnace needs the proper maintenance to keep it running efficiently and to help ensure it lasts as long as it is designed to. However, hiring a professional to clean, oil and maintain this appliance can get costly. My name is Jeff and like many of you, I live on a very tight budget. I spent a lot of time researching various type of maintenance that I could do on my furnace myself to get it the maintenance it needed at a price that I could live with. I created this website to share my knowledge and experiences with others who wish to save some money on their furnace maintenance needs. I hope this proves helpful to you.

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4 Reasons You Need Professional Central AC Repair

When the hot temperatures of summer come while living in a very hot region of the country, air conditioning is essential to keep a house cool. What you don't want is for the air conditioner to suddenly break down at a time that you need it the most. That is why you want the air conditioner in great shape when it starts getting a lot of use. Pay attention to these warning signs to catch a problem before the air conditioner fails:

Odd Noises 

While the condenser of your air conditioner is not exactly quiet, the sound it makes while running is pretty consistent over the years. The sounds you want to watch out for include grinding, screeching, or squealing.

Squealing will happen when the belt of the compressor has slipped and needs to be adjusted. Screeching is a common sign that lubrication needs to be added to metal parts that move. Grinding can be caused by a broken motor that needs repair or replacement by a professional HVAC technician.

Warm Air

The air that comes out of your vents should always be the same temperature, no matter how hot it is outside or what temperature the thermostat is set to. If the thermostat is set lower, the air conditioner needs to run longer to get to that temperature. Be concerned if the air coming out of the vents is warm.

Warm air can be caused by not having enough refrigerant in the system, which is often due to a leak or frozen line. Leaks will need to be repaired and the system will need more refrigerant added to it.

Liquid Leaks

There are a couple reasons that you could have liquid leaking from your air conditioner. As mentioned, refrigerant could be leaking out from the unit, which will create a noticeable puddle near one of the refrigerant lines. It can also occur due to condensation since a drain tube could be blocked and not allowing the water to properly leave the unit.

Weird Smells

Pay attention to odors that come from the air conditioner while it is running. Musty odor from the vents is an indication of mold growth in the ducts, which can be due to condensation collecting inside the vents. Mold is a serious problem due to the health risks, so take care of it quickly by having the ducts cleaned.

Noticing another odd smell or sound not listed here? Contact an HVAC maintenance professional for assistance with air conditioner repairs